Sustainability & Forest Practices

Being in business for over 125 years gives the Merrill & Ring owners and managers a long-term perspective. We recognize from the practical experiences of growing new forests that the things we do today shape our future. That future will be as productive as our stewardship of the many resources we manage and that we all rely on.

A key to sustainability is being in touch with our industry community.

We are a founding member of the Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA). Our timberlands in Washington have been certified by the American Tree Farm System (ATFS) since 1952, and our Log Marketing & Export business is a certified FSC® chain of custody participant. Merrill & Ring is a founding member of the Private Forest Landowners Association (PLFA) in British Columbia.



All of our operations are conducted to meet or exceed all forest practice regulations in their given jurisdiction. The Washington Forest Practice Rules and Regulations are the foundation of a federal Habitat Conservation Plan, affording protection to all fish and aquatic dependant species. Oregon timberlands are subject to the Forest Practices Act and Rules. In British Columbia the Private Forest Land Management Act regulates activities, and in New Zealand our forest management is regulated by regional Resource Management Act rules.